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Some of you may visit Third Party watch from time to time hoping to find Green Party news. I did, and noticed that as the site was sold by the founder, and then again to a well established right-wing fundraiser, that the site lost most of it's sparse Green Party coverage and turned into Libertarian Party Watch.

Ronald Kane Hardy contacted me, we discussed things via email, and voila! A new Green Party news website called Green Party Watch. We sure hope you'll visit and let us know what you think...and don't be afraid to use the frog to catch a fly or two. Go ahead and click it. You'll see what I mean.

Conflicted soul of a Green

This has been a tough election season for a Green. Well, at least for this Green.

I've been a registered Green longer than I have been with any other party, first signing up in 1992.

I have voted Green in presidential elections since 1996, during Ralph Nader's first run as a stand-in candidate for the Greens.

I have worked to get Green votes. And every single day I watch the news I am reminded on why I could never be a Republican or a Democrat.

Greens not dead

You may have noticed it's been a while. Gainful employment will do that to an activist. But I'm not going to pass up an opportunity to announce that my favorite candidate for the Green nomination has finally made it official. All I can say is, IT'S ABOUT TIME.

Oh, and greenie points to anyone who can name the cultural reference in the title.


would you drop me a note? Thanks.

Ingrid Betancourt and Clara Rojas left to twist in the wind

The Associated Press is reporting that President Uribe of Colombia has decided to suspend Hugo Chavez's role in negotiating the possible release of prisoners, including Ingrid Betancourt, by the FARC. The AP reports that Uribe has done this because Chavez initiated contact with the head of Colombia's military.

A (belated) report on Reading

The Green Party Annual Meeting several weekends went quite well. There were still some rough edges -- like California insisting on an hour to talk about Presidential politics -- but overall, it was noticeably smoother than in the past. Even the hour of talking turned into venting at the mic, but then it was over, and things were quiet.

If voting could change things...

I have a number of friends who believe firmly in the old adage, "If voting could change anything, they'd make it illegal," often attributed to Emma Goldman. There's a lot of appeal to this thought, and nothing I say should be interpreted to gainsay Emma's advocacy of direct action to get the goods. I do, however, find the truth to be more nuanced.

Greens to join the government on the Emerald Isle (probably)

EDIT: It's official. The Irish Greens didn't get as much as they wanted, but they did get some good concessions.

The Green Party of Ireland has sealed a deal with Fianna Fail, which was formerly the ruling party, but which slipped below the majority mark in the last elections and needs to build a coalition. The deal doesn't become final until the grassroots Greens approve it in a referendum. This is probable, but not guaranteed.

As conditions, the Greens demanded that neither the US Army nor the CIA be allowed to stop over at Shannon Airport (with special training for the police to catch the CIA!), and a commission on global warming, among other points.

The Democratic Party is a lost cause (press release)

The Party's Over: Greens call Democratic Party a lost cause for voters opposed to the Iraq War

* Democratic Congress members' capitulation on war funding strips away illusion that Dems oppose the Bush agenda, say Greens
* Greens appeal to antiwar voters: stop wasting your votes, support and join a real antiwar party

Switch 2 Green

If you've paid even passing attention to the Democratic Congress, you may be disgusted with their failure to do anything meaningful, or for that matter, anything unmeaningful, about the war in Iraq. Or you may be disgusted with them for their failure to prevent torture, or perhaps "special renditions." Or perhaps you're disgusted with them for their failure to stand up to illegal wiretapping. Or, it could be you're disgusted with the Dems for their complicity in so-called "free-trade" so-called "agreements." Perhaps you're sick of the influence on the Dems of AIPAC, Big Oil, Big Pharamaceuticals, Big HMOs, or any of a dozen other special corporate interests. Or maybe you just think they missed the boat on impeachment.

Well, don't hold your disgust in until 2008. Become a Green now!

No, really. Ask yourself: who represents the grassroots of of the Democratic Party? Take a close look. The positions the Democratic base holds are not those of the elected Democrats. It's the Green Party that represents progressives.

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