Green Mayor Jason West persecuted - er, prosecuted

For Immediate Release:
Monday, June 6, 2005


Green Party leaders see political motivation as West
is singled out for solemnizing same-sex weddings.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party leaders appealed to
all Americans and organizations who value human rights
to speak out in support of Mayor Jason West of New
Paltz, New York.

Well, at least other folks are blogging....

I haven't written much in the last few days, but others have. Ken Sain went to observe the Maryland Green Party's state meeting, and has quite a bit to say about it. Steve Kramer, who features in what Ken writes, has a long post at his blog, though not about the same things. Instead, he talks about moving on, and not fighting 2004 any more. He also makes some very good points on our relationship to the Democratic Party.

Grees dominate energy policy!

Unlike other nations of the world, the Greens in the US have no one in the national government, and only one representative at the state level. None the less, reports (and I use the word loosely):

"But while researchers tinker with far-off possibilities, there’s something we should do right now to keep the energy flowing: break the radical environmentalists’ chokehold on national energy policy.

"Regardless of form — whether oil, gas, coal or nuclear — the Green movement is blocking efforts to harness our accustomed energy sources while leading us down the primrose path of so-called 'renewable energy."

GDI's survey

Those wacky GDI folks have taken a page from the national party's book ad posted a survey of their very own. Besides taking the survey, you can read previous comments (in continual new windows, which is poor design). Nader supporters are the majority, but not to the extent I expected. I encourage everyone to take it.

Green Party Tempest (in a teacup?)

(from Greg Gerritt)

Friends and Greens, Last fall the inspiration hit. I realized I had to write up my account of what happened in the Green Party presidential election campaign. Some day the historical record will be glad of a relatively full accounting of what happened, and there are discussions going on around the future direction of the Green Party that I wish to contribute to. So I sat and wrote every for one hour every day from early November until Mid April. Now it is ready, and I think you will find ita very interesting and readable account. You are also more than welcome to forward this letter to anyone you thinnk might be interested, and if you would, lists of Greens in your neighborhood and state.

Here is the blurb.

Time to grow up!

Francis Moore Lappe (author of Diet for a Small Planet and more than a dozen other books) likes George Lakoff's recent efforts to teach progressives how to reframe issues, but doesn't like the "strict father" and "nuturing father" metaphors he uses. She says we don't need the state to be a parent at all.

Dems consider communication networks

OK, don't give me a hard time for checking up on the Democrats. There's some very substantial information in here.

In essence, there are three kinds of networks.

Organize list being reorganized

For anyone visiting to see if there's news on why the Organize list isn't working, there is.

Specifically, the web host for the list has done a total overhaul. However, we were already moving off of it to Cameron's servers for the lists and Rackspace for the site

Please give us a few more days to get the list set back up. Watch this space for more news. Thanks for your patience.

Again with the fundi-realo thing

So, the California Greens passed two of the three GDI proposals last weekend, not all three. The third one - the only one I could deal with as-is, failed to get the required two-thirds majority.

Ned Goudy continues to discuss what happened, and the struggles the meeting faced, and that the CAGP (and Los Angeles County party in particular) continue to face. Given that I'm (thankfully) not involved with that, it was a passing remark he made that most stuck in my mind. He said....

CA passes GDI proposals

Well, the GDI site leaves no doubt that the California Green Party passed the three proposals by a pretty wide margin. There was apparently considerable discussion of the matter, but then they passed. Whether the original versions or the modified version (of proposal 3) that Peter Camejo promised to Dean Myerson is not clear.

This means the proposals have a good chance of passing in Tulsa. I think the time has come to launch an informational campaign within state parties on what these proposals would mean, and why they can't work.

Update: (via Ken Sain) more details here.

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